Smiles Story

Florence, 12:35pm, any given Saturday


I am going back home after having spent the morning in the town centre, visiting famous shops and looking for a pair of Sneaker to buy so that I can finally throw away my old ones.

I am coming across all sort of things: lots of offers, famous brands, all kind of prices. My head spins, I can’t make a decision and my stomach needs a burger with chips. Stepping into my flat I find my sister Gianna waiting for me. “Found anything nice..?”, “Always the same stuff. You know what I say..? Let’s eat something…”

Now Gianna’s imagination is running wild and after a juice and beer she says: “Let me design your Sneakers!!”.
My sister is great, totally unconventional, she lives in her own world and she fixes all her troubles with paper, pencil and drawing whatever comes up in her mind.
I am used to her so I don’t pay her much attention. The afternoon goes quickly: some friends, go for a drive, happy hour and then a club.

It’s Sunday and at 11 AM, my sister wakes me up with a cappuccino. “Had fun last night..? You know, I designed your new Sneakers!!”. It’s a simple drawing, but i really like the idea. An original image that is completed if you only look at the two shoes together. You are talented, Sister!! You are totally amazing! You are special”

I smile, I’m happy.

Monday 9:00 AM. I’m walking trough Florence with my CV to apply for a job that I think I will never get.

10:30 AM. I’m at the fashion agency where they are selecting new candidates and I need to write an essay titled “Describe an innovative clothing idea.”

12:00 AM. Only half hour before the end of the test and my paper is still empty. I get a call from Gianna to ask me at what time I’ll be back home. The phone keeps ringing but I can’t take the call so I text her “ I’ll be back in half hr!!” and suddenly the idea comes out: a pair of Sneakers with an original and funny design…obviously half of it on the left shoe and the other half on the right one!!

…and then back home with a big Smile on my face!!!

Margherita C.

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